I tested for you: the NutriTab scale from Terraillon

I tested for you: the NutriTab scale from Terraillon

After the interactive scale, Terraillon launches its first connected culinary scale! A real revolution in the world of well-being, this new device makes it possible to calculate the nutritional intakes of each weighed food, and thus follow a more balanced diet. Coupled with an application available on Smartphone, the NutriTab scale goes far beyond a simple calorie calculation thanks to its personalized coaching. A fun and easy-to-use support, which combines daily dietary monitoring with shape and slimming ideas adapted to each person's body type. I tested for you this 2.0 weighing system, which offers another way of eating and understanding the kitchen.

Easy to use design

Almost a century ago, Terraillon launched its first culinary scale. The hexagonal brand has gone through a meteoric rise since, diversifying its catalog while consolidating its know-how in the weighing field. When I open the box of my NutriTab, I discover a very designer product, one of the strong points of the brand. The scale is small, discreet, and quickly finds its place on my work plan. On the LCD screen, few buttons: an on / off function, a timer, as well as an option dedicated to the conversion of measurement units. The weighing results (5kg maximum) are displayed on a bluish digital screen located in the center of the scale.

Basic functions

The first weighing tests were very successful: the balance is ultra-precise and has many functions, including a very practical conversion for units of measurement. The latter allows you to change grams to ounces or milliliters (to know the precise dosage of a glass of milk for example). It is also possible to weigh the food in their container by deducting the weight of the latter; only the foods are taken into account in the grammage, which avoids many manipulations during daily weighings.

A very complete health and fitness assessment

The whole point of the NutriTab scale however lies in its interaction with the free Wellness Coatch app. I download it to my iPhone (note, the application - downloadable from the AppStore and Google Play - is not compatible with all models of Smartphones!), I quickly fill in the requested data (weight, size, etc.), synchronize my phone with the scale before discovering a real logbook dedicated to my well-being. By wandering through the different items of the application, I realize that it offers the possibility of a complete day-to-day monitoring: blood pressure, sleep, weight curve, activity level ... All the data health can be supplemented as desired by the user.

Convert your weighings into nutritional intake

To start calculating my nutritional intake, I start by weighing an apple before selecting the corresponding product on my phone. The number of calories contained as well as the various intakes of carbohydrates, lipids and other nutrients is instantly displayed on my phone! I continue my test with the different ingredients contained in an olive cake, which I weigh one after the other in order to know the total nutritional contribution of my dish (figure which invites me, by the way, to be very reasonable on my consumption!). I can save my recipe, and add it to my daily consumption in order to assess the total calories absorbed when the evening comes. To this function is added that of the "barcode scan": the application recognizes more than 20,000 products (yogurts, everyday food, etc.) that can be scanned before integrating them into its dashboard for control. simple and precise of his meals. NutriTab Terraillon: 80 € More info on //